Criteria for finding a reputable shoe wholesaler

The business field that is receiving great attention from people today is the footwear trade. More and more business shops are born and their need is to find the most prestigious footwear wholesaler in the market. This is something a lot of people are wondering right now. So, the following article will give you the criteria to choose the most reliable company.

Experience operating in the footwear distribution field of that establishment

Learn about the experience of distributors

The first criterion you definitely cannot ignore to be able to find a reputable shoe wholesaler is the experience in the field of that unit. In addition, you also need to pay attention to their way of doing business, i.e. the units that directly produce and distribute or just distribute without producing.
You should know, the shoe business is one of the extremely competitive fields. A unit that does not win the hearts of people will quickly be eliminated from the market. Therefore, if a shoe wholesaler has a long experience in the field, it proves its prestige.
Therefore, you should prefer to choose companies with many years of experience. At the same time, you can choose the units that directly produce and distribute. This way you can be more assured about the quality of the goods. Because, all products are of clear origin with the most competitive prices.

Size of footwear wholesaler

The second criterion you need to pay attention to is the size of that footwear business. A large-scale facility with a variety of sources will give you more choices than a smaller-scale establishment. Not only that, the scale of operation of the units also partly shows the development and reputation of the unit itself.

Determine the size of the wholesale units in the market

Therefore, you should carefully research the size of that unit. To know this, you can visit the website of that shoe wholesaler or go directly to their facility to find out. If you come directly, you will also get a lot of different information.

Find out the shoe models of distributors

The footwear models of the distributors are also one of the factors that cannot be ignored when looking for reputable footwear wholesalers. Footwear is an extremely diverse field. So, find out the designs of that unit.
Choose large-scale units with many different models of footwear. This way, you will easily reach more customers. At the same time, you also need to know which shoe models are most trending to choose. Because it will be easier to distribute to customers.

Product selling price of a shoe wholesaler

Find out about the selling price of the distributor

Price is a factor that cannot be ignored when looking for an opportunity
Reputable shoe wholesaler. You should look for units with the most attractive and competitive prices in the market. In addition, you should also refer to the sales policies of those units to ensure your interests.
With the criteria for choosing a shoe wholesaler as mentioned above, we hope to bring you the most useful and interesting information. Based on the above criteria, you will surely find yourself the most reliable address and help your business will be extremely convenient.

Benefits Of The Good Slip-On Work Boot

Are in a line of work that calls for sturdy yet comfy work boots?

Or do you just hate the hassle that accompanies tying shoelaces but are scared of losing the comfort they provide?

Well, you do not need to stress yourself anymore. With the best slip on work boots , you will not have to make the sacrifice of a good fit for protection, comfort, or speed.

And just as suggested by the name, slip on boots do not feature any shoelaces. All you need to do is to simply slip the boots on and start your work day.

Top 10 The Best Slip On Steel Toe Boots for Pull On Convenience

Benefits Of The Slip-On Work Boot

Below are some benefits associated with slip on work boots:


These work boots do not have any shoe laces. Just slip the boots on and you are good to go. Taking them off is equally simple.

Added safety

Slip on work boots are specially designed to protect your feet from heavy objects and machinery at the work place since they cover your entire feet.


These work shoes significantly reduce the constricted feeling associated with laces. In addition, slip on work boots also minimize the exhaustion that kicks in from standing for prolonged durations; they normally feature well-padded insoles or midsoles thus reducing the stress and strain on your feet.


During the cold season, slip on work boots serve as additional insulation layers. The boots cover and protect your feet from extremely low temperatures and frost bites, which are common for those working in freezing surroundings.


Slip on work boots are known to be some of the most durable work shoes available on the market today. They can last for several years with minimal wear and tear, especially if you purchase a full-grain leather slip-on work boot.

Benefits Of The Good Slip-On Work Boot

Must-Have Features for The Slip On Work Boots

Comfortable to wear

This is the most important feature in any work boot. When uncomfortable, you will most likely going to underperform or even compromise the quality of your job.

However, through providing all-round support and comfort, slip-on work boots assist you to do your work well. These boots also feature pain-reducing and shock-absorbing midsoles which are quite useful when working on rough terrains.

Weather resistant

Weather resistant slip on work boots can conquer rain, floods, snow, and even sleet. They also insulate your feet and keep them dry at all times.

Safety features

Slip-on boots have important protective features like protective toes made using steel, aluminum or plastic and slip-resistant outsoles.

The protective toes offer protection from falling objects whereas the slip-resistant outsoles provide the required traction needed to maneuver slippery grounds.

Some slip-on work boots even have metatarsal protection to offer additional protection to bones found between the ankle and toes.

Must-Have Features for The Slip On Work Boots

There are also those that have puncture-resistant soles that protect the soles of your feet from nails as well as other sharp or pointed objects.

Other even have electrical protection normally made from insulating materials such as plastic and rubber. Such footwear do not accumulate a static charge and in case of any accumulation, the charge gets transferred to the ground.

Wholesale Italian clothing – 5 basic steps to increase sales

You want to wholesale Italian clothing. You are starting to sell online and do not know what to do? If so, the article below will help you identify your target audience, and guide you every step to sell online. Thanks to that, your revenue will never stop growing.

5 Reasons why You Should Choose Italia Clothes to Start a Business

Italian clothes have many advantages. Those advantages are the reason you should choose them to start a business. Besides, some different factors in hurtownia odzieży  can also be the reason for you to choose the Italian clothes and start wholesaling.

  • Easy to sell: To wholesale clothes, you only need to understand a little about the product. What is the material of the product, the basic sizes of the product… With just a little information, you can completely advise and sell the product to the customer.

Italian clothes have many advantages that you can refer to

  • High demand in the market: Anyone must purchase a minimum of 3 to 5 sets of clothes to use. It can be said that our demand for fashion is huge. Whether you are young or old, you must use clothes. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about products in stock. The product is good enough, you should be able to sell them.
  • High profit: Maybe you don’t know, but the price of Italian clothes is quite high. The profit you get when you sell clothing wholesale is quite large. The profit figures when we wholesale clothing goods Italian are published in many places.
  • Diverse source of goods: Fashion products are always diverse. Therefore, there are quite a few vendors on the market to choose from.

However, a delicious piece of cake will be chosen by many people. If you do not learn it thoroughly and take it seriously, it is likely that your career will end in a short time.

You should learn to do business carefully to prolong your career in a sustainable way

Zobacz też : hurtownia odzieży włoskiej

Therefore, this article not only shares for you the reasons why we should choose to wholesale Italian clothing products but also share with you how to sell to increase profits.

How to wholesale Italian clothing to increase profits

There are several ways that you can use it to make a sale. These ways will help you increase profits quickly.

Product is the key factor

The Italian clothes are very beautiful and varied. However, there are also many poor quality Italian clothing products. Therefore, to wholesale Italian clothing, you need to pay more attention to the product, especially the quality of the product.

A successful business process will depend largely on the product. We have to choose good quality products and not too many people sell your products. However, make sure that your product is still needed by many people.

Always make sure that your product can meet demand in the market

Where to sell?

If you sell Italian clothing by the traditional channel, you have plenty of options. If you don’t have money to rent a space, you can sell it on the street. If you have a lot of money, you can hire a kiot to sell goods or open a big store to sell…

Likewise, if you want to wholesale clothes Italian online, you can choose one of the following ways:

– Wholesale on e-commerce market

– Wholesale of Italian clothes on Facebook

– Wholesale of Italian clothing on Website

Italian Clothing Wholesale Process And The Way to wholesale italian clothes Simply And Effectively

Once the above problems have been identified, you can start selling. Just follow these steps, you can sell goods effectively.

– Step 1: Bring the product to the customer. If you sell clothing in the traditional way, you can use traditional advertising campaigns to reach customers. You can also bring products to customers by posting on social networks if you are using modern business methods.

With only 3 basic steps, you can sell in a simple and effective way

– Step 2: Consulting customers when they have access to the product. In the process of customer consulting, many people have encountered many problems. After a long time, we found that, in order to increase sales, we must not only improve the quality of products and advertising campaigns, but also improve our customer consulting skills. You should not focus too much on selling, learn very well about their needs first.

– Step 3: Optimize the shipping process. Both sellers and customers wonder about shipping costs. You should find out the shipping units in the market and choose the best shipping unit. Thus, you can limit shipping costs and increase profits significantly.

The store’s sales will continue to increase if you know how to operate and sell products!


How to clean white mesh shoes effectively in a few steps

White shoes have always been favored for their versatility in outfit matching, but they also often bring a lot of trouble, especially when getting ugly stains.

Things to know, white shoes made of different materials will have distinctive ways of cleaning. In addition to popular materials such as canvas, leather, suede, etc., mesh shoes are now widely chosen by many fashion followers. However, it is one of the hardest cleaning materials because they are notorious for being able to absorb pretty much anything they come into contact with.

Wait, do not let that become the main reason why you dare not own a pair of trendy white mesh shoes. With this article, Workwear Magazine will guide you through the best methods on how to clean white mesh shoes easily with just a bit of care.

Let’s read on!

How to clean white mesh shoes. What is mesh fabric?


What is mesh fabric?

Mesh fabric is made from polyester fibers – a petroleum-derived ethylene material. There are 4 types of polyester fibers: filament, short fiber, coarse fiber, and fiberfill, however, in reality, only filaments (because of their high strength and elasticity) and short fibers (because of the ease of blending with other fibers) are available. used to make the mesh fabric.

Mesh products are completely waterproof because the material is mainly nylon, so users do not have to worry about fabric cracking, deformation when used for a long time in the liquid. The mesh fabric also has a certain gloss, soft and smooth, completely meeting the aesthetic needs of the most demanding customers!


– Not absorbent, so it is able to resist stains naturally.

– No shrinkage when washing with water, not stretching, loosening during use.

– Withstands great impact force without tearing.

Extremely lightweight and breathable.

– Mesh fabric is also quite good heat resistant, below 90oC can still work normally.


– Easy to stick to dirt.

– Difficult to clean.

How to clean white mesh shoes

  1. Use a soft brush

The first and also quickest method to clean your sneakers if picked up dirt on the road is using a brush. This way is also helpful to avoid wetting the pair. However, the technique won’t work for liquid stains.

How to clean white mesh shoes with a soft brush

How to clean white mesh shoes with a soft brush

Here is the instruction:

Step 1. Use the brush to gently wipe the areas with stains.

Step 2. Then, lightly brush the entire shoes. Do not press too much or you might make the material fray. 

You can also take this step to remove loose dirt particles when washing any shoes before using other tricks.

  1. Use soapy water
Typical method on how to clean white mesh shoes

Typical method on how to clean white mesh shoes


If the stains are more stubborn or the liquid types, you now have to try to wash the shoes with soapy water. What you need to do is:

Step 1. Remove the laces or the insoles if they can be disassembled.

Step 2. Mix soap with a bit of oxygen bleach and warm water into a bucket.

Step 3. Then, submerge your white mesh shoes in the mixture for five minutes.

Step 4. Continue to use a soft brush to gently scrub at the dirt spots.

Step 5. Finally, rinse the shoes until all of the soap comes out. After that, hang the shoes to dry naturally.

Now, your dirty white mesh shoes have worn a new clean cover!

  1. Use vinegar and baking soda
Best combination to clean white shoes: vinegar and baking soda

Best combination to clean white shoes: vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are long to be natural approaches to remove stains. In this case, we can also use them to clean white mesh shoes. But first of all, you’ll need to prepare vinegar, baking soda, a spray bottle, and a soft brush.

Step 1. Spray vinegar on the dirt.

Step 2. Right after the dirty spots are wet, sprinkle baking soda onto them.

Step 3. Use the brush to scrub gently.

Step 4. Following that, leave it in the sun for a few hours.

Step 5. Rinse the shoes with cold water until the stains are gone.

  1. Use bleach

Bleach is especially used for heavy stains on both clothes and white shoes due to its excellent performance. Nevertheless, you should be careful while using bleach because it’s basically a potent chemical that can cause skin redness, burning, or even hard breathing if exposed too much. Oak Street recommends you wear gloves and do the process in an airy room.

How to clean white mesh shoes with bleach

How to clean white mesh shoes with bleach

Step 1. Mix bleach with warm water in the ratio of 1:5. If you use more bleach than water, the shoes can get slightly yellow.

Step 2. Use a brush to loosen surface stains.

Step 3. Dampen a small soft towel in warm water, then squeeze out excess water from the towel.

Step 4. After that, rinse the shoes under the water.

Step 5. Finally, let the shoes dry for five to six hours in natural light, not too harsh sunlight.

Tada! Your shoes will now undoubtedly look brand new!

  1. Use toothpaste or shaving cream
Toothpaste is helpful to clean stains

Toothpaste is helpful to clean stains

Another surprising yet simple shoe-cleaning hack is using toothpaste or shaving cream, which are always available in your bathroom. However, bear in mind that only white toothpaste helps while the colored or gel types will stain your shoes.

Step 1. Squeeze some toothpaste or shaving cream onto an old toothbrush and start rubbing the dirt on shoes.

Step 2. When you’re done, let the shoes dry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3. Use a damp cloth to wipe the cream off.

  1. Use specialized shoe cleaner
Use shoe cleaner to clean white mesh shoes

Use shoe cleaner to clean white mesh shoes

If all the methods above don’t work on your pair, try the last one, which is to use the specialized cleaner for mesh shoes. You can find these products in shoe shops or footwear companies.

Step 1. Damp a soft brush then dip it into the shoe cleaner.

Step 2. Use the brush to gently scrub all over the stain surfaces.

Step 3. Take another damp cloth to wipe the remaining stains.

This product can even be used on the soles of the shoes.

How to treat your white mesh shoes

  1. The best way to protect white mesh shoes

Since the first day you bought the shoes, pay attention to care for them. If not in use, you should keep them in a dust-free area or store them in a box with shoe covers.

While you have to wear the mesh shoes a lot, spray around the surface with a sneaker protector, which is the liquid used to protect footwear from dirty stains or liquids.

  1. How to dry white mesh shoes

Every pair of shoes needs an appropriate method to dry; most of the footwear type should not be used in the electric dryer. Here is the best instruction on how to dry your white mesh shoes:

Step 1. Cover and stuff the shoes with dry paper towels.

Step 2. Leave the pair dry naturally in gentle sunlight for a few hours. This can help to eliminate the bacteria causing odors.

Step 3. Then, pull out the paper to let the shoes completely. You may need to leave them overnight.

Suggestions on cleaning white shoe of difficult materials

  1. Artificial leather

Sneakers made of artificial leather are usually quite comfortable, stylish, and easier to clean than mesh fabrics because stains often do not penetrate the skin. Simply soak a towel in warm water mixed with shoe cleaner or mild detergent, then wipe off any dirty areas.

For more stubborn stains, you can use a brush to gently scrub in circles for about 1-2 minutes until they disappear. Finally, to remove any remaining detergent, wipe your work boots with a damp cloth and let them dry naturally.

  1. Knit

Sneakers made with knitting technology will need gentler care because they are soft, spongy, large, and elastic, making this fabric more susceptible to damage if cleaned incorrectly. The most user-friendly cleaning tool is a soft cloth. Even though you only remove the stain with a soft cloth, it still works fine.

In addition, you also need to be careful with the use of chemical products to clean sneakers with knitted fabric because it can be too harsh. Instead, you can use a light bath soap bar with a soft cloth soaked in cold water to remove stains. Be sure to wipe off any remaining soap with a damp cloth and leave shoes in an airy place until completely dry.

  1. Canvas

Canvas sneakers are durable yet easy to get dirty. Luckily, they are also quite easy to clean. Simply use a brush dipped in baking soda mixed with warm water and scrub the stains until they are clean. Leave this mixture on your shoes and wait for them to dry. In addition, a damp cloth will help you wipe away any leftover baking soda while also refreshing your shoes.


Mesh is used commonly for making sneakers, sports shoes or work  boots due to their soft and light features. However, if mesh shoes, especially the white ones, are not cleaned properly, they may begin to smell and grow mold or bacteria. How to clean white mesh shoes is not as difficult as you think at first, but the most important thing is you have to apply the right methods. It will be very useful for the life of the shoe as well as the health of your feet.

Workwear Magazine hopes that all the mentioned approaches will work effectively in your cases. We also always welcome new great methods from our readers, too! Don’t be shy to leave a comment if you have other good ideas.

Experience in a successful clothing wholesale

Clothing business is one of the extremely fast growing fields today. Not only business for retail customers but clothing wholesale is also being chosen by a lot of consumers. In order to be able to wholesale successfully, you definitely have to pocket the following bloody experiences right away.

Identify the item you want to target

Please identify the fashion item you want to target

Not only for retail customers, but also for wholesalers to identify the fashion items and clothing that they target. Which clothing item do you want to sell? Be it kids, men’s, women’s, middle-aged, high-end fashion or all types….
As you trade in order to thrive you can choose from many different items. In particular, the products must ensure the diversity and large quantity in order to serve wholesale buyers. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. Should trade fashion items with good quality and reasonable prices.

Find bulk wholesale

Once you have a grasp of what you want to wholesale, the next most important thing is to find the right source. This is considered the most difficult and most important job in the wholesale clothing business. Currently, the source of wholesale goods on the market is extremely large. However, you should consider carefully and carefully before importing the goods.

Find the most suitable source of goods

Since you import them for wholesale, it’s best to find the originals. That means taking directly from the factory in Vietnam or you can import goods directly from China. Besides, you should set a criterion to find the right source of goods. It may be to prioritize the sources of goods with good prices, many models to the market or with good quality.

Business model development

After you have a source, to wholesale clothing, you must have a business model to advertise to people. In addition to creating offline models such as shops or flyers. Then the form of online advertising is something that cannot be ignored.
With the current development of information technology, if you do not exploit the online advertising field, then surely your business will not be successful. You can create a website, fanpage for your clothing wholesaler, to attract customers. You can even livestream the sales. This is an extremely effective form and has been growing strongly in the past few years.

Provide reasonable policies for wholesale buyers

Offer many preferential policies for customers

To attract customers, you definitely need to have preferential policies and attract customers. You can make quotes based on certain quantities taken. Along with many beneficial policies for those who get wholesale goods from you. Thus, the number of customers coming to you more and more.
On top of that are a few wholesale experiences of clothing people who have been successful in this field. You should definitely follow and thoroughly learn all the information to get the most necessary and useful things. In addition, you should be persistent and knowledgeable about fashion and how to attract customers. Yes, your business is always smooth.

On the face of effective online sales tips shop owners should not ignore

Currently, clothing businesses are thriving in online sales channels in parallel with offline. The reason is because, customers’ shopping needs are gradually turning to online to ensure fast. Therefore, the following article we will suggest some effective online sales tips for fashion shop owners to refer and apply.

Remember the names of each customer

Effective online selling tips first that we want to suggest for you reference. It is to remember the exact name of each customer. In fact, when you remember the customer’s name correctly, they themselves will be glad that they are respected and cared for.
This relationship does not end only between “sellers and buyers.” Whenever customers need to look for products, surely the person they want to find is you. Although the quality of your clothing products is on par with some other shops, but because your ingenuity in greeting has helped you outperform your competitors. Customers do not hesitate to support and buy clothes at your shop in the next time.

Fashion shops should remember the names of each customer who bought clothes

Must know to listen and answer customers’ questions

Here’s the next best selling tip that you need to remember and apply every day. In fact, there are many online stores that lose customers just because sellers advise superficially or too arrogant. Therefore, the best way to sell online the best you need to do is to be happy. Know to listen and confide and be ready to answer all of the questions of customers even the smallest.
The customers who shop on the market today are quite smart and sensitive. Only through a few greetings, they can easily know your shop’s sales consulting attitude enthusiastic or superficial. Therefore, you absolutely must not ignore your “god”.

Respond to messages, comment promptly

The next effective sales tip that you should not ignore is responding to customer comments or messages promptly and quickly. The general mentality of online sellers is that they want to save time.
When they choose to text or comment at the fanpage shop, you mean they are very interested in the product. Therefore, you need to have a responsive system. It is best not to let customers wait more than 1 hour, which will cause another store to have similar products to the shop you rob.

Fashion shops should respond to customer comments / messages in a timely manner

So we have finished sharing some effective online sales tips for business shop owners for reference. Do not hesitate to contact us at the address below if you want more advice on this topic!