Currently, clothing businesses are thriving in online sales channels in parallel with offline. The reason is because, customers’ shopping needs are gradually turning to online to ensure fast. Therefore, the following article we will suggest some effective online sales tips for fashion shop owners to refer and apply.

Remember the names of each customer

Effective online selling tips first that we want to suggest for you reference. It is to remember the exact name of each customer. In fact, when you remember the customer’s name correctly, they themselves will be glad that they are respected and cared for.
This relationship does not end only between “sellers and buyers.” Whenever customers need to look for products, surely the person they want to find is you. Although the quality of your clothing products is on par with some other shops, but because your ingenuity in greeting has helped you outperform your competitors. Customers do not hesitate to support and buy clothes at your shop in the next time.

Fashion shops should remember the names of each customer who bought clothes

Must know to listen and answer customers’ questions

Here’s the next best selling tip that you need to remember and apply every day. In fact, there are many online stores that lose customers just because sellers advise superficially or too arrogant. Therefore, the best way to sell online the best you need to do is to be happy. Know to listen and confide and be ready to answer all of the questions of customers even the smallest.
The customers who shop on the market today are quite smart and sensitive. Only through a few greetings, they can easily know your shop’s sales consulting attitude enthusiastic or superficial. Therefore, you absolutely must not ignore your “god”.

Respond to messages, comment promptly

The next effective sales tip that you should not ignore is responding to customer comments or messages promptly and quickly. The general mentality of online sellers is that they want to save time.
When they choose to text or comment at the fanpage shop, you mean they are very interested in the product. Therefore, you need to have a responsive system. It is best not to let customers wait more than 1 hour, which will cause another store to have similar products to the shop you rob.

Fashion shops should respond to customer comments / messages in a timely manner

So we have finished sharing some effective online sales tips for business shop owners for reference. Do not hesitate to contact us at the address below if you want more advice on this topic!